What is it like to be an intermodal driver?

an intermodal truck driver

Are you looking for a career in the trucking industry that allows you to prioritize your family and spend time at home without sacrificing pay? If so, becoming a QFS Transportation intermodal truck driver may be a great career choice for you. Let’s take a look at the intermodal driver job description, the advantages of being an intermodal truck driver, how to achieve a great road-home balance, and how to become an intermodal truck driver

What does an intermodal driver do?

Intermodal freight travels via two or more modes of transportation. The longest parts of the journey are typically covered via railroad, ocean, and/or air. An intermodal driver hauls freight short distances between shippers, the rail hubs, and customers. For the truck driver, the trips are short and can typically be made in a single day or less. 

Advantages of Being an Intermodal Truck Driver

Frequent and Flexible Time at Home

Full-time intermodal truck driving is typically 45-50 hours per week. There are a variety of work scheduling options to allow drivers to be at home when they want. Because each trip takes a day or less, drivers are able to come home at the end of every day. 

Zero Tuition Costs

To become an intermodal truck driver, a person needs a highschool diploma or GED, passing scores on their state’s standard driver’s license exam, professional truck driving training, and a commercial motor vehicle license (CDL). The career does not require lengthy and costly schooling. The educational costs to enter the profession are low in comparison to most careers with similar salaries. 

Competitive Salary 

Even with lots of time at home, most intermodal truck drivers can earn salaries around $70,000 a year, and the top earners can make around $90,000. The salaries vary depending on experience, performance, and scope of the field, with regional drivers typically earning more than local drivers. When the national median family income for living comfortably is around $65,000 in the United States, an intermodal driver’s salary is considered a solid salary for supporting a family. 

Drop-and-Hook Freight

As an intermodal truck driver, you will mostly pick up and drop off containers in the yard. This means you do not have to waste time at a loading dock. Cranes are used to easily and quickly move the containers. This means that your job is efficient. You can spend more time on the road, more time at home, and less time waiting around loading dock stations. 

Job Satisfaction 

Intermodal freight transport is a critical part of the global and national supply chain. Almost every single thing we interact with is impacted by intermodal trucking in some way. Without intermodal trucking, it would be very difficult for us to acquire everything we need for daily life. As an intermodal truck driver, you are ensuring that businesses get goods and materials, and that families get everything they need to be happy and healthy. Additionally, intermodal trucking is good for the environment. While over-the-road trucking (OTR) is a significant source of pollution and highway congestion, combining trucking with rail, air, and/or sea travel measurably reduces emissions. As an intermodal truck driver, you can take pride in the fact that you are making a difference in the world. 

How QFS Transportation Drivers Achieve a Road-Home Balance

What is it like working as an intermodal driver for QFS Transportation? At QFS, our drivers come first – that is why our network of Owner Operators have a great road-home balance. Every driver has access to a dedicated support team, safety staff, and the infrastructure needed to help them succeed. As one of the largest and fastest growing companies, with over 60 terminals across the country, our dedicated team gives our Owner Operators what they need to succeed. Drivers use a mobile app to manage their loads, and drivers get to choose the lanes they want to run. 

Become an Intermodal Truck Driver

QFS Transportation is one of the best intermodal trucking companies offering intermodal trucking services throughout the United States. Our corporate headquarters is based in Indiana, but most of our truck drivers operate in other areas throughout the country. If you are interested in intermodal trucking and want to benefit from the dedicated support team, best-in-class management, and advanced technologies, become an intermodal truck driver with QFS Transportation. Contact QFS Transportation today!