115 Trucker Lingo Terms To Know For Effective Team Communication

Like many other industries, the trucking industry has its own language, terminology, and codes. From the 10-Code system and nicknames for cities to trucker slang and lingo, truckers have a lot of ways to communicate quickly and effectively. Here at QFS Transportation, we pride ourselves on being one of the best intermodal trucking companies and value strong communication. We created this guide to outline the numerous trucker lingo terms that an Owner Operator truck driver needs to know. 

What is trucker lingo?

Trucker lingo consists of the Citizens Band Radio (CB Radio) Codes, known as CB 10 codes, initially developed in the 1940s and 1955s for police officers to optimize the use of limited radio channels. The CB 10 Codes were popularized by the television show Highway Patrol in the 1950s and later in the 1970s, by the song Convoy by C.W. McCall. CB trucking lingo includes a list of codes that begin with the number 10, followed by another number. CB trucker lingo also includes nicknames for cities. In addition to the CB codes and city names, truckers use many other terms to communicate with each other and dispatchers. 

Below we detail a number of popular trucker terms and the corresponding definitions. We also list out CB 10 codes. You may notice that many numbers between 1-200 are missing. The omitted numbers do not correspond to established CB 10 codes. If someone uses them, they are likely not a trucker. 

Trucker Slang & Definitions

Trucker Lingo

All Locked Up – The weigh station is closed. 

Alligator – A piece of tire is on the road ahead. 

Bear – A law enforcement officer. 

Bear Bite – A speeding ticket. 

Bear Cave – Law enforcement headquarters. 

Black Eye – A headlight is out. 

Bumper Sticker – A tailgating vehicle. 

Cash Register – A toll booth. 

Comedian – The median between opposing lanes of traffic. 

Deadhead – A truck with an empty trailer. 

Dragon Wagon – A tow truck. 

Fingerprint – Unloading a trailer by yourself. 

Gumball Machine – The lights on top of a law enforcement vehicle. 

Hammer Lane – The left lane of traffic. 

Pay the Water Bill – A bathroom break. 

CB 10 Codes

10-1: Receiving poorly.

10-2: Receiving clearly.

10-3: Stop transmitting.

10-4: Affirmative/I agree.

10-5: Relay message.

10-6: Busy.

10-7: Out of service. 

10-8 In-service.

10-9: Repeat message.

10-10: Transmission completed.

10-11: Talking too quickly.

10-12: Visitors present.

10-13: Weather or road conditions. 

10-16: Make pickup.

10-17: Urgent.

10-18: Is there anything for me? 

10-19: No.

10-20: Location. 

10-21: Call by telephone.

10-22: Report. 

10-23: Stand-by.

10-24: Completed last assignment.

10-25: Can you contact…?

10-26: Disregard the last statement.

10-27: I am moving to another channel.

10-28: Identify your station.

10-29: Time is up for contact.

10-30: Does not conform to FCC rules.

10-32: I will give you a radio check.

10-33: Emergency traffic.

10-34: Trouble at this station.

10-35: Confidential information.

10-36: The correct time is…

10-37: Tow truck needed at.

10-38: Ambulance needed at.

10-39: Your message was delivered.

10-41: Please tune to the channel…

10-42: Traffic accident at…

10-43: Traffic delay at…

10-44: I have a message for you.

10-45: All units please report.

10-50: Break channel.

10-60: What’s the next message number?

10-62: Unable to copy, use a phone.

10-65: Awaiting your message or assignment.

10-67: All units comply.

10-70: There is a fire at….

10-71: Continue with the transmission in sequence.

10-73: Speed trap at…

10-75: You are causing interference.

10-77: Negative contact.

10-84: My telephone number is…

10-85: My home address is…

10-91: Talk closer to the microphone.

10-92: Your transmitter is malfunctioning.

10-93: Check my frequency.

10-94: Please elaborate. 

10-95: Transmit silence for 5 seconds.

10-99: Mission completed.

10-100: I need to use the restroom.

10-200: Police needed at.

CB Lingo For Cities in the United States

The Big A – Atlanta, Georgia

Air Capital – Wichita, Kansas 

Armadillo – Amarillo, Texas 

The Alamo – San Antonio, Texas 

The Astrodome – Houston, Texas 

The Apple – New York, New York 

Bean Town – Boston, Massachusetts

Beer City – Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Big D – Dallas, Texas 

Big O – Omaha, Nebraska 

Bull City – Durham, North Carolina 

Bikini – Miami, Florida 

Bright Lights – Kansas City, Missouri 

Capital City – Raleigh, North Carolina 

CB Town – Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Charm City – Baltimore, Maryland 

Cigar City – Tampa, Florida 

Circle City – Indianapolis, Indiana 

The Cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

The Dirty – Cleveland, Ohio 

Flagpole – Flagstaff, Arizona 

Philly – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

The Gateway – St. Louis, Missouri 

Gold City – Goldsboro, North Carolina 

Guitar – Nashville, Tennessee 

Hotlanta – Atlanta, Georgia 

The Irish – South Bend, Indiana 

Lost Wages – Las Vegas, Nevada 

Mardi Gras – New Orleans, Louisiana 

Mile High – Denver, Colorado 

Motor City – Detroit, Michigan 

Music City – Nashville, Tennessee 

Okie City – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Queen City – Charlotte, North Carolina 

The Rubber – Akron, Ohio 

Sack of Tomatoes – Sacramento, California 

Shaky City – Los Angeles, California 

Steel City or Town – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Windy City – Chicago, Illinois 

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