Truck Driver Jobs: What To Look For When Searching for a Trucking Job

Whether new to the field or looking to make a change, searching for a trucking job is no small task. The quality of the company, and many other factors, will define your experience in the position, and it can be challenging to know what to consider. In this guide, we explain the factors to look for when searching for truck driver jobs.


A Solid Reputation 

First and foremost, the trucking company must have a solid reputation, but how do you go about measuring this? To get a sense of the company’s reputation, talk to colleagues in the industry, read reviews, explore the company’s social media content, and ask questions. Look for indications that the company cares about its employees, resolves difficulties, and is committed to growing and improving.

The Right Lanes

The lanes you run will largely shape your day-to-day experiences on the job. If you want to operate in a particular area, focus on companies that cover those lanes. Many drivers enjoy the flexibility to choose their lanes. If you fit into this category, look for a company that enables you to run your chosen lanes.

Your Preferred Rig 

What kind of truck are you licensed to drive? What type of truck do you want to drive? It is essential to consider these factors if you want a job that is a good fit. When looking for a trucking job, ensure the company offers positions and equipment that you qualify to drive or the training to gain new certification.

Supportive Management 

You will need to rely on your management team for several logistic, administrative, and daily activities. If the company is unavailable, unhelpful, or just plain rude, it will be challenging to enjoy your job and meet your goals for success. Look for a company with a supportive management team with the availability, resources, and eagerness to set you up for success day in and day out.

Respectful and Collaborative Company Culture 

As a driver, your work is mostly solitary, which makes any team experience even more important. Look for a company with a respectful, welcoming, and collaborative workplace culture. Are the drivers friendly? Are conflicts resolved professionally? Will you be appreciated as a person, not just a truck that moves freight? Will you be left alone if you prefer peace and quiet?

Real Road-Home Balance 

Many dedicated drivers also have commitments at home. If a company expects you to be on the road all the time or does not allow for flexibility in scheduling, your home life and mental health will likely suffer. When searching for trucker jobs, look for a company committed to providing a real road-home balance for every driver. If you need specific work hours or the flexibility to create your own schedule, focus on jobs with companies that provide these options.

Helpful Technology

Every industry is experiencing rapid digital transformation, and the trucking industry is no exception. These days, many drivers have access to mobile apps and other technologies that make the job easier and safer. When looking for a trucking job, consider the tech solutions the company uses. Does the company stay up to date and successfully implement the most up-to-date solutions? Do the tech tools run smoothly and help? Look for a trucking job that gives you access to tools to improve your safety, enjoyment, and earnings.

A Safety Team

For every driver, safety on the road is a top priority. The question is, does a specific trucking job support or complicate your efforts to keep yourself and other drivers safe on the road? Look for a trucking job with a dedicated safety team and actionable support to reinforce your safety efforts.

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