Women in Trucking: 5 Reasons Why Women Should Become Truck Drivers

Truck drivers make so many aspects of our daily lives possible. They haul our food, clothing, vehicles, livestock, fuel, building materials, and more, so everything we need is available when we need it. Historically, men have held nearly all truck driving jobs, but times are changing. We anticipate a future of more women in trucking. In this guide, we discuss the ramifications of truck driving jobs for women, share the percentage of women in truck driving, and explain why women should become truck drivers

Is truck driving a good career for women?

The pandemic prompted layoffs, resignations, and significant changes in nearly every industry – and freight is no exception. Women are making waves in the freight industry by taking jobs that men have historically held. For women who love driving and exploring the country, over-the-road (OTR) is an intriguing opportunity. Regional or drayage trucking is an excellent option for women who need to stay close to home and work flexible hours. Additionally, women who need a career change find trucking’s quick start-up time appealing. Empty nesters can benefit from a change of pace, and women can even become team drivers with their spouses. 

So, yes, truck driving is a promising career for women, but even so, we should address the potential challenges. In trucking, like in many industries, women may encounter sexism, feel concerned for safety, and want to spend more time with family. However, trucking offers distinct benefits that many other careers do not. There is no wage gap in trucking, there are many different types of truck driving jobs that offer many different types of responsibilities and schedules, there are many opportunities for advancement, the time and effort to enter the career are minimal, and the starting salaries are solid. 

What percentage of truck drivers are women?

The Women in Trucking Association conducted the Women in Trucking Index in 2022 to measure the percentage of women in various roles in the transportation industry. Their research revealed that in 2022, an average of 13.7% of truck driving jobs are currently held by women. The highest percentage of women fills human resources and talent management positions, and technical roles have the lowest percentage of women. 

Why More Women Should Become Truck Drivers

There are a number of reasons why women should become truck drivers. Check out our list of advantages below: 

1. No Wage Gap

Truck drivers are paid based on mileage, hours, or a percentage of the load. As these factors are not influenced by age, ethnicity, or gender, trucking salaries do not have built in-wage gaps. This is an advantage that most other industries cannot claim. 

2. Solid Salary

According to Indeed.com, the average truck driver’s salary in the United States is $77,306, plus bonuses and benefits in many cases. To learn more about truck driver salaries, particularly for different types of jobs, read our blog Truck Driver Salary: How Much Does a Truck Driver Make? 

3. Quick Start to Career

Many career changes take years of education and training, along with expensive tuition payments. In stark contrast, a dedicated person can begin a truck driving career in just a matter of weeks. Many companies offer driver training courses, assist through the process of obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL), and cover the associated costs. 

4. Many Different Scheduling Options

Those who are new to the industry or unfamiliar with trucking may assume that all truckers spend weeks on the road. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are many different types of truck driving jobs available, including local truck driving positions that keep drivers close to home. As an appealing bonus, many truck drivers can set their own schedules. 

5. Job Security

Although self-driving cars are a hot topic in some circles, the technology is still a very long way off from disrupting trucking careers. Truck drivers provide essential services to society and are in high demand. Trucking jobs are available across the country, and there are many opportunities for advancement within the field. 

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